Fallon Hills Ranch
To order any of our products, please contact us:
By Email: or
By Fax: 707-878-2723

We also offer pasture-raised chickens and eggs, as well as rabbits and pork (seasonally).

Custom and additional cuts are available upon request.

Contact us to reserve whole lambs or half- and quarter-sides of beef.  This is a great way to purchase meat at a discount and with your specifications.  Steak thickness and package size can be customized when purchasing a large cut of meat.

Below is a summary of the weight and volume of large orders:

 Meat Ordered
 Volume (Space Needed)
 Quarter Beef
 110 Pounds
 4 Cubic Feet
 Half Beef
 220 Pounds
 8 Cubic Feet
 Whole Beef
 440 Pounds
16 Cubic Feet
 Half Lamb
 25 Pounds
 1 Cubic Foot
 Whole Lamb
 50 Pounds
 2 Cubic Feet

In general, large orders consist of:
20-25% steaks
20-25% roasts
40-45% ground meat
10-15% short ribs, stew meat, etc.

Our Fallon Hills Ranch beef tenderloin roast, a perfect cut for either grilling or roasting in the oven.

Fallon Hills Burger, deconstructed.  Ample blue cheese, roasted peppers and garden-fresh heirloom tomatoes are the key ingredients.
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