Family + History

Fallon Hills Ranch
In 1854, our great-great grandfather Adolph Gericke opened the first butcher shop in the newly settled Petaluma, California. Born in Hannover, Germany in 1832, Adolph traveled to America in 1853 where he soon purchased the 300-acre ranch which was then part of the Blucher Rancho north of Tomales.  Adolph married Ellen Fallon, an Irish immigrant, in 1858.  Ellen's father, James Fallon, established the small hamlet of Fallon only a stone's throw from our ranch.  At one time, Fallon boasted a train station and post office, acting as a small hub of industry on the busy coastal California train line. 

Now, over 150 years later, our family is once again selling ranch-raised meats in the North Bay just as Adolph Gericke had done. From the beginning, our family has raised sheep and cattle for meat, raised chickens for eggs, milked dairy and harvested apples, pears, berries and vegetables from our ranch, orchards and fields.  For our generation--the fifth raised on the Maloney Ranch--our project started anew in 1981 with a small 4-H market and breeding flock of lambs, that has since grown to provide the foundation for our new business as well as continuing on in exhibition with the youngest generation of the family's 4-Hers.

Led by siblings Shannon, Kevin and Brian, Fallon Hills is the result of their ranch upbringing, wide-ranging talents and common passions for family, food and the environment.
The historic Marin County Coastal Railroad, courtesy of the County of Marin.
Kevin Maloney on his horse Tara, that he raised from a foal, bring the sheep in for shearing.
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